Google Assistant Rolls Out New Feature to Find Lost iPhone

Google Assistant Rolls Out New Feature to Find Lost iPhone

Tech giant Google has announced new features coming to Google Assistant on Thursday, and the most essential feature is – finding your lost iPhone. For quite some time, iPhone users have been able to find their smartphones using the Find My service. To help find your lost iPhone, Siri integration is also on board, so you can just ask the assistant where your iPhone is and it will ping your device with an audible notification which even bypasses Do Not Disturb, even if it is … Read more

Apple Bringing New Siri Voices, Battery Recalibration Tool to iOS Users

Apple Updating Siri With 2 New Voices, to Remove Default Female or Male Voice in iOS

Apple is updating Siri on iOS by bringing two new voices and the option to let users select the voice they want at the time of setup instead of getting the default voice, which is female in most countries — and male in some. The new change is initially part of iOS 14.5 beta 6 … Read more

Apple Clarifies iOS 14.5 Beta Users Wont Be Able to Set Default Music App

Apple Issues Clarification Over Default Music Service Feature for iOS 14.5 Beta

Apple recently clarified that the beta build of iOS 14.5 will not actually allow users to select a new default music service. Instead, the feature is Siri intelligence-based, meaning it can improve and even change over time as the virtual assistant learns to better understand its users listening habits. According to The Verge, iOS 14.5 … Read more