iOS 15 Announced: All the New Features Announced at WWDC 2021

iOS 15 Announced With New FaceTime, iMessage, Sharing, Focus, and Privacy Features

Apple has officially unveiled iOS 15, and like many recent rumours and leaks suggested, several far-reaching improvements have come to iMessage and FaceTime. There’s also new system-wide emphasis on sharing and communication, as well as even more privacy-related features, and new ways to leverage on-device intelligence. iOS 15 will roll out to iPhone 6s and later … Read more

Here Are 2 Tools to Prevent Facial Recognition AI From Using Your Selfie

Worried About Privacy for Your Selfies? These Tools Can Help Spoof Facial Recognition AI

Ever wondered what happens to a selfie you upload on a social media site? Activists and researchers have long warned about data privacy and said that photographs uploaded on the Internet may be used to train artificial intelligence (AI) powered facial recognition tools. These AI-enabled tools (such as Clearview, AWS Rekognition, Microsoft Azure, and Face++) … Read more

Google Collects 20 Times More Data Than Apple Does From iPhone Users: Study

Google Starts Testing FLoC as Alternative for Cookies: What It Means for Your Privacy

Google collects more data from Android users than Apple does from iOS users, a new research report states. Researchers from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, compared the data that a Pixel phone shared with Google with what iPhones share with Apple and found that Google collects 20 times more handset data than Apple. The research also … Read more