Stadia for Android TV Sees Over 50,000 Downloads in Less Than Two Weeks

Stadia for Android TV Sees Over 50,000 Downloads in Less Than Two Weeks

Stadia made its way to Android TV on June 23 and since then over 50,000 people have downloaded the app from the Google Play store. Google announced early in June that the first version of Stadia, its game streaming service, will be coming to Chromecast with Google TV as well as few other devices such … Read more

Florida Social Media Law Likely Violates Free Speech, Federal Judge Rules

Florida Social Media Law Likely Violates Free Speech, Federal Judge Rules

A federal judge on Wednesday blocked a recently-enacted Florida law that was meant to authorize the state to penalize social media companies when they ban political candidates, with the judge saying the law likely violated free speech rights. US District Judge Robert Hinkle in Tallahassee issued a preliminary injunction blocking enforcement of the law, which was … Read more

Australian Regulator May Authorise Media Group Talks With Google, Facebook

Google, Facebook to Face Negotiations With Media Group Authorised by Australian Regulator

Australia’s competition watchdog said on Thursday it issued draft proposals to authorise regional newspaper industry group, Country Press Australia, to negotiate with Google and Facebook for payments for news content on their platforms. Country Press Australia (CPA) is seeking authorisation to allow its members to hammer out a payments deal with Google and Facebook for use … Read more

How to Transfer Contacts From an iPhone to an Android Phone

How to Transfer Contacts From iOS to Android Phone

A lot of users make the switch between iOS and Android, and vice versa. Apple and Google’s mobile operating systems respectively have differences setting them apart in terms of functionality and usability. When it comes to transferring data or contacts, it’s much easier to do so when moving from one device to another in the … Read more

This is What Happens When you Type Pride in Google Sheets

Google Sheets Has an Easter Egg That Celebrates LGBTQ Community: Type Pride and See What Happens

Since time immemorial, the LGBTQ community has faced discrimination and its members have been treated as outcasts. And while the fight against these prejudices is on, the community as well as its allies have taken out Pride marches and hosted events to rightfully claim their space in the society. One such annual event that celebrates … Read more

Apple, Google, Amazon Likely to Pay Higher Taxes After G7 Nations Pact

Apple, Google, Amazon, Other Tech Giants May Have to Pay Much Higher Taxes as G7 Nations Reach Landmark Deal

The United States, Britain, and other leading nations reached a landmark deal on Saturday to pursue higher global taxation on multinational businesses such as Google, Apple, and Amazon. In a move that could raise hundreds of billions of dollars to help them cope with the aftermath of COVID-19, the Group of Seven large advanced economies … Read more

Facebook, Google Sign Content Deal With Australia’s Nine

Facebook, Google Sign Content-Supply Deal With Australia’s Nine Under New Licensing Regime

Australian broadcaster and publisher Nine Entertainment said it signed multi-year content-supply deals with Google and Facebook, harnessing tough new licencing laws to bolster profit. The step means that all of Australia’s three largest media firms now have deals with US tech giants that had until this year fiercely opposed laws making them negotiate over the fees they … Read more

Android 12 Will Have the Same Sharing Menu Across Apps: Report

Android 12 to Block Third-Party Apps from Customising Sharing Menu: Report

Google is streamlining the way its users share links, images, and videos throughout apps in Android 12 by restricting third-party apps from replacing the native Android Sharesheet, as per a report. Android Sharesheet is the pop-up menu that appers from the bottom of the screen to allow users to share information (links, images, videos, memes) … Read more