How to Transfer Contacts From an iPhone to an Android Phone

How to Transfer Contacts From iOS to Android Phone

A lot of users make the switch between iOS and Android, and vice versa. Apple and Google’s mobile operating systems respectively have differences setting them apart in terms of functionality and usability. When it comes to transferring data or contacts, it’s much easier to do so when moving from one device to another in the … Read more

How to Make Someone Else the Owner of Your Google Doc

Google Doc Tips and Tricks: How to Make Someone Else the Owner of Your Document

Whenever you create or upload a document on Google Drive, Google, by default, makes you the sole owner and editor of the doc. So, if you wish to transfer the ownership of your doc to someone else to make it easy for them to edit or share it, you can tweak the settings. But, once … Read more

Google’s App Store Privacy Labels: What They Mean for Your Data and Privacy


Google recently updated its privacy labels for a majority of its apps listed on App Store, following the revision in policies by Apple making it mandatory for all apps to divulge in their data sharing practices. These new privacy labels show up in every app listing on App Store under the App Privacy section and … Read more